Camera Slinger Productions LLC ® 2019

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Contact Us

seupLLp @

912. 306. 5888

1528 Whitemarsh Way

Savannah, GA  31410

Contact us for a free consultation

Services Provided:

Production Development through Post Production

  •  Free consultation

  • Professional NON-UNION Line Producing and Unit Production Management services and solutions for theatrical and broadcast television video


  • Streamlining production operations to be conducted and executed effectively and efficiently to keep your production under budget


  • Services rendered on your production can be bundled or otherwise a la carte to fit your particular needs


  • The scope and budget of your project will determine standard contractual and pricing options for services rendered - our rates and turnaround timeframe are competitive


  • Project development;

  • creative contribution upon request

  • preparing for production development


  • Production development operations;

  • budget development

  • sales projections & comparative analysis'

  • logistics development

  • negotiations with distribution acquisitions, key talent reps, and financiers

  • custom producer's package, per target

  • Pre-production operations;

  • managing business and legal logistics

  • streamlining correspondences

  • managing information and data collection

  • financing logistics and working with accountant(s)

  • managing scheduling logistics

  • continuity reports

  • procuring and managing locations' logistics

  • procuring and managing cast, crew

  • securing equipment 

  • procuring and managing visual elements

  • shot design and preparation, team planning management

  • production teams coordination and management

  • Production / Manufacturing operations;

  • managing financier relations

  • managing communications 

  • execution of scheduled principal photography and day plays

  • managing production day operations

  • ensuring quality control via procedures during manufacturing operations

  • ensuring efficient time management

  • ensuring effective coordination

  • over seeing quality assurance procedure

  • ensuring a safe work place

  • Post-production operations;

  • executing file management procedures and organization

  • compiling dailies for deliverables

  • rendering editing services

  • rendering coloring services

  • rendering post sound operations

  • procuring and securing rights to incorporated media

  • managing post teams coordination

  • overseeing quality assurance procedures

  • product digital prints and final packaging


  • Foregoing marketing operations;

  • marketing development

  • managing marketing coordination

  • providing digital print media for marketing platforms, web, social media, publicity, etc.

  • conducting foregoing marketing operations, prior to distribution (unless otherwise legally bound by pre-existing contracts)

  • public relations assistance

  • assistance with distribution affairs

  • contact us for further explanation and learn how we can assist, should you wish to hire us after learning more about who we are :)


Company Overview:

Based in Savannah, GA, USA

We started Camera Slinger Productions LLC to produce engaging content and entertain audiences with original ideas in a market oversaturated with reality TV, remakes, sequels, and spinoffs. We soon discovered the value of our skills and decided to offer services to assist other indie filmmakers at all stages of their production. We bring a wealth of passion and experience to the job because we live to create and love to inspire.

We take pride in creating professional production packages, and "entertaining" film and television media, web, commercial and corporate video content; And we take pride in executing topline producing services and logistics. Our techniques are state of the art, and ever evolving with modern technologies and production management techniques.

Type of Company


Camera Slinger Productions LLC (CSP) is a creative content and video production company. We specialize in original, creative content in addition to logistics and professional execution of video media production. We provide our skills and expertise as a service, and we have multiple products in development or pending full / partial financing.

Mission Statement



We are committed to creating original and entertaining productions which engage audiences on universal levels, achieving a more emotionally satisfying experience. A laugh is crucial unless it is crucial not to laugh. We are committed to making products that will bring good to the world. We are committed to helping our community grow.

Something Unique About CSP


We like to make people laugh and we like to make movies, thus we commonly take a peek behind the curtain and break the fourth wall, both literally and figuratively, in that we satirize what you see behind the scenes of indie and Hollywood productions in our projects relevant projects.

We strive to become a hub for film communities to share relevant information.

Business and Product Philosophy


Creativity is our most valuable resource. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Take care of your employees and they will take care of you. Competitive and fair wages for staff and contractors. Have fun at work. Streamline efficient means of production and research new things. Provide work you can be proud of

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Custom Focus Media

Custom Focus Media is our sister company that provides full service ad agency, marketing and commercial/ industrial production services. If you are looking for information on these services, please visit us at